Gem Shop

Gem Shop

Gem Shop is a nice match-3 game with an original gameplay
4.4  (5 votes)

Gem Shop is a match-3 game with a special theme. The object of the game is to make jewelry and sell them to the customers. You match gems by clicking and sliding entire rows in a way that 3 or more gems are in a line and can be removed from the board. The rows of gems can be slid horizontally or vertically. As you match gems, the jewelry meter will rise until it reaches the top, that is when the jewelry is ready to be sold. You should do your best to keep your customers happy by making gems as quickly as possible. The happier the customers the more they pay for their jewelery. If it takes you too long, you can improve your customers' mood by giving them treats (like coffee, candies, gifts, etc).

The level is complete when there are no more customers and you should meet or exceed the sales goal in order to get to the next level. Otherwise, you will have to replay it. As you progress in the game, you will earn upgrade tokens that can be used to buy more jewelery items and customer treats to your shop. If you can´t find any gem matches, you can use the hints, which highlight any possible match, but you have only one per level.
Regarding the graphics, they are simple but attractive. Sound effects are average and the music is nice, but a bit repetitive.
In short, Gem Shop offers a nice combination of match-3 and time-management game that will surely attract many players.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Nice theme
  • Good combination of match-3 and time management game
  • Good upgrades
  • Interesting and addictive gameplay


  • Repetitive music
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